Products and standards

Managing e-government products and IT standards

The German IT Planning Council coordinates the development and implementation of digitally supported governance and administration (e-government) products assigned to it as well as establishing overarching IT interoperability and security standards. This is specified in the functions of the IT Planning Council in Sect. 1(1) of the IT state treaty.


Products are understood to be services that are operated continuously and fulfil the purpose of digitally supported governance specified in the state treaty. Products include technical interfaces, communication services, central applications, and methods such as the standardised authorities number 115 or the FIT store. FITKO, the agile implementation organisation of the IT Planning Council, is responsible for the overall coordination of the combined products.


Common standards make it easier to exchange data between administrations, which is a key element in the implementation of the Online Access Act. This includes, for example, interface formats and technical systems. FITKO supports the development and operation of the standards. Where necessary, it tasks the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT) with maintaining and operating data exchange formats.