Implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG)

All public administration services in Germany to be available in digital form

By 2022, Germany’s federal, state and local governments are required to provide all administration services in digital form via their administration portals and link these portals together to form a network. This requirement is set out in the Act to Improve Online Access to Administrative Services, or Online Access Act (OZG) for short, which entered into force on 18 August 2017. However, digitization is an ongoing task and it is about more than the mechanization of administrative procedures. Furthermore, the OZG continues to apply. For this reason, the federal, state and local governments will continue to work together on the digitization of administration beyond 2022.

In practical terms, this means that over 6,000 administrative services at the federal, state and local levels – combined in 575 bundles of OZG services – need to be digitalised. Corresponding IT infrastructure also needs to be set up to offer residents and companies easy access to these services. The IT Planning Council plays a key role in the implementation of this project.

Three IT Planning Council activities to implement the OZG

The implementation of the OZG comprises three main implementation activities that are interdependent.

  1. Portal network
    Intelligent network linking the federal, state and local administration portals
  2. User accounts and inboxes
    Accounts for citizens and companies for using administrative services
  3. Digitalisation programme
    Digitalising administrative services at the federal, state and local levels