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The National E-Government Strategy (NEGS) (refer to: Updating the National E-Government Strategy)

Updating the National E-Government Strategy

In its 18th session, the IT Planning Council adopted the updated National E-Government Strategy. The latest NEGS takes IT developments, political developments and the lessons learnt from the ongoing work into account.

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The IT Planning Council is the central body in the Federal Republic of Germany responsible for further advancing federal cooperation on information technology. Since its founding in 2010, the Council has worked on shared IT standards, sought to ensure an appropriate standard of IT security at federal and state level and supported numerous e-government projects.

With the coordination projects on the portal network, the digitalization programme and the Online Access Act (OZG), which was passed in 2017, we have laid the groundwork for faster implementation of user-friendly online applications for individuals and businesses. According to our five-year programme, administrative services will be made digital and easily available to individuals and businesses through the network of federal, state and local Internet portals. Existing solutions will be integrated, and the number of administrative processes that can be managed online will be significantly increased.

In order to consolidate the many tasks and move ahead, the federal and state governments have created a structure for federal IT cooperation (FITKO) which they will operate together. A task force has started its work in Frankfurt (Main), with the assistance of a joint federal–state working group from the IT Planning Council. A further aspect is setting up a budget for the joint financing of the digital transformation; here, the details still need to be worked out.

As a joint federal and state entity, the IT Planning Council plays a key role in carrying out these far-reaching and often highly complex tasks. To do so successfully, we must work together. Judging from the high level of commitment to this shared task which I have witnessed over the past two years, I am confident that we will succeed.

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